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Vatican City: The smallest country in the world



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Vatican City, which is known as the smallest country in the whole world This country is small, but the information about it equally interesting. Through today’s article, we will share with you some points regarding Vatican City, such as the Population of Vatican City, City Area of ​​Vatican City, and also share some interesting information in this regard. We hope that if you like this information, please share it

Statistic Information of Vatican city

  • Official name: Vatican City State
  • Capital: Vatican City
  • Official Language: Italian
  • The area of Vatican City: 0.44 km²
  • The population of Vatican City: 1000
  • Population Density: 2,272 / km²
  • Phone Code: +379
  • Currency Vatican city-state: Euro (€) (EUR)
  • Internet TLD: .va


Vatican City is a small country located inside Rome, the capital of Italy.

Vatican City is the center of the Roman Catholic Church, one of the major denominations of Christianity, where the Pope lives.

The area of ​​Vatican City is 0.44 sq km. In this way, it is a smaller place than your village or locality.

Vatican City drone camera view

The Vatican City was founded because the Roman Catholic Church believes it is the home of the pope and the Pope is representative of Jesus Christ. It is important that they do not belong to any state.

Italy gave the land of 0.44 sq km in the Vatican City for the Great Temple of Saint Peter and considered the area completely independent.

Vatican City is the UN-recognized country and it has own currency, its own postal department, and radio system.

The population of Vatican City is about 1000 and citizens do not have to pay any tax.

Some interesting fact: Was ‘Vatican City’ a Shiva temple?

Indian historian P. N. Oak claims in its research that Vatican City used to be a Shiva temple in ancient times. In the first century BC, this city was destroyed and the people were forced to become Christians.

P. N. Oak mentioned some similarities between ‘Vatican City’ and ‘Shiv ling’ which will make you think twice.

Similarities between shiva lingam and Vatican City

P. N. Oak says that the word the Vatican comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Vatika’ which means a ‘holy or religious place’. The important thing is that Vatican City is called ‘Chittadel Vaticano’ in the local language.

There is a striking resemblance to the courtyard of the Vatican’s ‘Saint Peter’s Temple’ and the structure of ‘Shiv ling’, which compels everyone to think.

Christianity is called ‘Christianity’ in English. According to P. N. Oak, the word ‘Christianity’ comes from ‘Krishna Niti’.

Most importantly, during the excavation of Vatican City, a shiv ling was found which has been kept in the Gregorian Museum.

On Shiva’s forehead, there are three lines and a point, which is also marked on Shivling. There are almost three such lines and one point in the design of the courtyard of Saint Peter’s Temple, which you can see in the picture.


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