ten most deadliest virus

Ten Deadliest virus

Ten most dangerous virusesMarburg virus Ebola's virus disease Hantavirus Bird flu, Avian influenza Lassa fever Junín virus, JUNV Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever Machupo mammarenavirus Kyasanur Forest disease Dengue fever

At present, the effect of coronavirus is visible all over the world. The number of people infected with novel coronavirus COVID-19 is increasing more and more day by day. The number of infected people is increasing but one thing is still good that the death rate is much lower than other viruses in this virus.
In today’s article, we will tell you about the ten most dangerous viruses in the world. This information is taken from a reliable website Source like Wikipedia. This list is decided on the basis of various measurement penalties. The opinions of other people may be different from this.

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Ten most dangerous viruses

  1. Marburg virus
  2. Ebola’s virus disease
  3. Hantavirus
  4. Bird flu, Avian influenza
  5. Lassa fever
  6. Junín virus, JUNV
  7. Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever
  8. Machupo mammarenavirus
  9. Kyasanur Forest disease
  10. Dengue fever


Marburg virus-top ten most deadliest viruses
Marburg virus

Marburgvirus is considered to be the most dangerous virus in the history of the world so far. This virus is a member of the family Filoviridae. The virus was named after a small and delightful village on the Lahan River, but the Marburgvirus and the village have no connection. This Marburgvirus is a different type of virus than other common viruses. Hemorrhagic fever is the most prominent among the symptoms of this virus. This virus spreads with the Ebola virus and it causes bleeding in the skin and organs of the body. This virus is the most terrible because it has the highest death rate. The death rate in this is 90%. In 1998, information was received about it for the first time.

Ebola’s virus disease

Ebola virus-top ten most deadliest viruses
Ebola virus

In this sequence, the Ebola virus comes in the second order. There are mainly five subtypes of the Ebola virus. Each type is named from the countries of Africa and the regions there. The five types of Ebola virus are Zaire, Sudan, Tai One, Bundibugyo and Reston. Among all these five subtypes of viruses, the Zaire Ebola type virus is the most dangerous. The death rate is 25% to 90%, just like Marburg. The Ebola virus currently extends to Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia and beyond. Scientists claim that the virus has spread in cities due to Flying-foxes (also called fruit bats), but later it can spread even when it comes in direct contact.


Hantavirus-top ten most deadliest viruses

In this order, the name of Hantavirus comes in third place. This virus is not a single virus, but it is a group of many viruses such as the coronavirus (COVID-19) is also a group of viruses. This virus was named from the Hantan river in South Korea. The first thought about this virus came to American soldiers during the Korean War in 1950. Then American soldiers were infected with this virus and later this virus was spread to other people also. Symptoms of this virus are lung disease, difficulty in breathing properly, a slight fever and also have an effect on the kidney.

Bird flu, Avian influenza

Avian influenza virus-top ten most deadliest viruses
Avian influenza virus

Bird flu also caused a lot of panic at that time and there was a valid reason behind it. The number of bird flu mortality is 70% which is much higher. But one good thing about bird flu is that bird flu is spread by the bird itself, so it is easy to control it. Bird flu, also known as H5N1, spreads only when it comes in direct contact with the Poultry Farm. This type of virus spreads more often in areas where there are more poultry farms.

Lassa fever

Lassa Virus-top ten most dangerous viruses
Lassa Virus

Lassa’s fever is located at number five in this sequence. The virus was first introduced to a nurse in Nigeria. This virus is spread by rodents. The special thing about this virus is that it spreads in some specific Area only. As such, there is always a possibility in West Africa that the virus can spread easily. Some scientists also believe that Lassa fever is always found in more than 10% of rodents in West Africa. Every year 5000 people are dead due to this virus.

Junín virus, JUNV

Junin Virus-top ten most dangerous viruses
Junin Virus

Junín virus also falls under the same category of dangerous viruses. Junín virus is a part of the Argentine hemorrhagic fever family. People suffering from this virus do not anticipate it for the first several days and when this virus starts showing effects on the body, it is very late. Symptoms of this virus include swelling of the tissue, presence of harmful micro-organisms in the blood, and bleeding from the skin. The death rate in this virus ranges between 10% and 20%.

Crimean–Congo hemorrhagic fever

Crimean Congo-top ten most dangerous viruses
Crimean Congo

Crimean – Congo fever virus is spread by ticks. This virus is a member of the genus Orthonairovirus family virus. Its symptoms include fever, pain in the muscles, headache, frequent vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding from the skin. If there is more trouble due to this disease then the liver can also spread. Crimean – Congo virus is placed in the rapid category because it spreads very rapidly. In the case of virus-infected, it lasts for two weeks and the probability of death in this virus is 25%.

Machupo mammarenavirus

Machupo virus-top ten most dangerous viruses
Machupo virus

Machupo Virus is also associated with Bolivian hemorrhagic fever, which is also known by other names like black typhus. This virus (Machupo Virus) was first identified in 1963. Symptoms of this virus are high fever. Rodents and humans have a large share in spreading this virus.

Kyasanur Forest disease

 Kyasanur Forest disease virus-top ten most dangerous viruses
Kyasanur Forest disease virus

In this sequence, the number nine is the Kayasanoor Forest Virus (KFD) virus and it was first discovered by scientists in 1955. This virus was first found on the southwest coast of India. This virus is also spread by ticks and the bad thing about this virus is that it is very difficult to identify it in the beginning. Kayasanoor Forest Virus (KFD) virus can also spread through mice, birds, and pigs. The symptoms of this virus are high fever, high headache, and muscle ache.

Dengue fever

Dengue fever-top ten most dangerous viruses
Dengue fever

Dengue fever is a virus whose danger is always present. This virus is found more in tropical regions. Because of this, there are more people suffering from this virus in countries such as Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, tropical regions.

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